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The Love Muse
The Love Muse

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A "Love Muse" is your guide to finding love in the 21st century, and that's what I do.

Hello from Barbara Gordon, your love muse, relationship consultant. I am here to help you charm your way to attracting authentic love into your life with your guide, the Love Muse.

Please give me a call to enjoy a complimentary 30–45-minute consultation with your Love Muse!

Teaching Self-Love

I have been a Love Muse since forever. I love teaching love, talking about experiences, teaching self-care, and then offer your affections to find the love of your life.

Being your Love Muse, I can guide you with my experienced expertise to flirt effectively and appropriately use the language of love. I will also teach you to write an online profile that reflects your originality and exactly the kind of person you are looking for, how to feel safe and empowered in the world of dating, virtually or in-person. My constant support will be there to guide you with your dating experiences.

The Love Muse

Find Your True Love

Together, we aim to create a deeper understanding of what you seek in your perfect partner with a clear vision of what you want in contrast to your past experiences of relationships. I will help you realize that the real love you deserve is out there.


When I first met Barbara, I felt an instant connection. I found her to be warm, open, engaging, knowledgeable, and she has a great sense of humor! I spoke to Barbara about a lingering depression that I had been dealing with, and she set me up on a ten-session plan. I did not want to sit in a therapist's office for months on end rehashing the past, so her approach made great sense to me. Barbara is pragmatic and goal-oriented. Each week I had specific assignments to complete that helped me gain new insights about myself. Each week I did something that I had been longing to do, a bucket list type of thing. Most importantly, Barbara coached me to be rigorously honest, to speak my truth, and to set limits. I highly recommend Barbara to help sort out solutions that are true to one's inner voice.

- G

Learning the process to open your heart and step out of your comfort zone is life-changing. Barbara continued to work with me in unison in meeting my goals and expectations to achieve that perfect match. Relationships are extremely flexible, and Barbara navigates you through the process to ensure true success and unlimited possibilities.

By working with Barbara, I was able to get out in the world, start dating and figure out what I really needed and wanted in my life. I feel more confident and comfortable about men and myself. This has been such a gift.

- N

Through working with you, I have learned to look at myself in a completely different way. You gently and yet firmly encouraged me to find my voice and ask for what I want in a relationship, whether it was a romantic relationship, a friendship, or visiting a city I was thinking of moving to. I really appreciate your willingness to help me explore different aspects of my life because, as you said, "you have a relationship with everything."

Your insightfulness and perception helped me realize that I had closed my heart to life's possibilities. With your guidance, I am now re-opening my heart, and I feel far more self-confident and joyful.

Thank you for the difference you have made in my life!

Take care.

- T

I am 30 years old and recently moved to the Bay Area with my boyfriend. When I met Barbara, I had very little hope that I could have the loving, compassionate, adventurous partnership I visioned, as I had done years of relationship seminars and classes already without successful results. In every relationship, no matter the duration, the experience left me unfulfilled and searching for more. This relationship was not only headed in that direction but was filled with drama and resentment as well.

With Barbara's guidance, she showed me how simple it is to come from my heart which dissolves any resentment, negativity, and limiting beliefs. I have a better understanding of who I am and how to work together as a team in my current relationship. We now have the tools to better communicate with each other and are not dependent on each other for love and acceptance.

My boyfriend and I are not only lovers, but we are roommates, soul mates, business partners and teachers to each other, so mastering teamwork is crucial. We are excited to continue to work with Barbara on our journey of contribution to each other and the world. Barbara's coaching is direct, honest, compassionate, and effective. We trust her and recommend this work to anyone who is committed to a life filled with love.

With all my heart, I thank you, Barbara.

– K

The Love Muse